Arctic Pipe Inspection's Electromagnetic Inspection Unit (EMI) utilizes the finest and latest developments of electro-magnetic, gamma ray, and eddy current detection devices, combined with automation, to offer fast, sure and cost efficient pipe inspection. The pipe is subjected to five electronic inspection functions with just one pass through the unit.





Plant 6000 EMI unit inspects tubes up to 13-3/8" in diameter


The inspection is performed as follows:

1. Wall thickness variations are detected by means of gamma ray source applied the length of the pipe. This assures accurate wall thickness measurement as well as eccentricity detection.

2. Detection and locating defects is achieved through the transverse magnetic energizing of each length of pipe. Defects of longitudinal origin are sensed by rotating scanner as flux variations.

3. Grade verifications utilize an electronic comparison of the length being inspected to a length of pipe with a known standard grade.

4. Detecting and locating transverse defects id performed as the entire length is conveyed through the ROBCO V detection system where it is scanned for variations in magnetic field caused by both internal and external defects having a transverse dimension. Transducers, which are sensitive to these flux variations caused by defects, are positioned around the pipe so as that complete coverage is obtained.

5. Demagnetization of the entire length occurs as the final function of the ROBCO v unit.